Clock Tower Skywalk Lionshead

Clock Tower Skywalk Lionshead.

Clock Tower Skywalk; Vail, Colorado Lionshead Village. This image was captured using my iPhone 5 on Madography – vail’s recent Pix & Sushi Camera Phone Photo Walk. Our little group had a really great time, and as the above image shows, found some worthy subjects to photograph along the way.

I very much like how many things this photo has going for it; to say there are several layers, many details, considerable depth, and a surrealism going on would be an understatement. So next time you’re out and about with your camera phone, which most likely is nearly at all times, look for something other than yourself (i.e. the dreaded selfie) to photograph.

Of course we all know it’s the photographer dummy, but you might just be surprised at how good a camera your phone actually is… and almost certainly the best one you have at any given time.

Clock Tower Skywalk Lionshead.

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