Doug Mayhew | Madographer

Doug Mayhew | Madographer

  American photographer, cinematographer & writer…

I am an artist, I create that which speaks to me. My visual storytelling is an extension of that process; writing about what I see, the imagery capture experience has proven equally rewarding… though itself not necessary. As a professional I pull from various artistic genres while mindfully focusing my efforts on the process of creating original imagery. When shooting for myself, there are no boundaries. Madography is the artistic process of pre-visualizing original imagery, that imageries’ subsequent capture, development and exhibition inby and through either analog or digital, motion or still, artistic mediums. The Madographer is an artist, a manipulator of light, an arranger of composition… in essence, a visual storyteller. Doug Mayhew | Madographer.

Studio Madography provides clientele with creative & compelling original imagery. Our commercial studio located in the Grand Junction, Colorado provides for traditional portraiture sittings, dramatically lit headshots, and the necessarily controlled environment required for precise product & copy work. Madography specializes, however, in offering customized on-site production solutions to meet our clienteles’ unique imagery needs.  Doug Mayhew | Madographer.

Starting commercial fees are listed in conjunction with their respective disciplines and are easily found under the commercial tab located in the menu bar of this website. Custom project pricing is determined on a per project basis– whereby offering the greatest value for every dollar invested. Our clients take comfort in knowing our team of dedicated professionals does everything possible to provide exceptional original imagery… we go the extra mile not only to earn your business, but keep you coming back again and again and again.  Doug Mayhew | Madographer.

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