MAD Food Photography

MAD Food Photography

Studio Madography’s fees for on-location Food Photography begin at $1,500 for seven (7) menu items and three (3) location shots. Menu imagery typically includes: (1) drink type image; (1) appetizer type image; (1) salad type image; (3) entrée type images; and, (1) dessert type image. Location imagery typically includes: (1) inside type image; (1) outside type image; and, (1) atmosphere type image. The fee includes: one principle photographer, one assistant, and all necessary camera, lighting, computer, and backend equipment needed for the shoot. MAD Food Photography

As is standard industry practice, travel and mileage expenses are additional. Similarly, the fee increases based on the number of subjects photographed, number of venues shot, any unique staging requirements, unusual prop setups, use of additional personnel, and/or the escalating complexity of the overall shoot. MAD Food Photography

Studio Madography clients, no matter how big or small the project, take comfort in knowing our team of dedicated professionals provide exceptional service, unmatched quality, and as always, creative original imagery. Simply, we go the extra mile to earn your business, and then keep doing so to bring you back again, and again, and again.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at: 855-723-8749 or contact us here online.

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