MAD Artists Works

Here is where Studio Madography’s founder and principle artist, Doug Mayhew, shares his personal work, special interests and notable projects. And, it is through these chosen subjects and his exacting efforts, that Doug’s creative vision is best communicated without concern or compromise… so please enjoy the journey, as seen through his eye.

I am an artist. I endeavor for that which speaks to me. When creating for myself, there are no rules. My visual storytelling is an extension of that process; creating original imagery, crafting scenes of motion, and writing about my experiences are rewarding… though themselves together not necessary. Ever-ready for that next grand adventure, one steeped in imagery, worthy of paper and pen.   — Madographer

For additional information or to inquire about how you too can purchase these limited edition works, give us a call at: 855-723-8749 or contact us here online.

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