Breckenridge Colorado Fall Foliage Photography Tours & Landscape Workshops

Join American artist and professional photographer Doug Mayhew for one of Madography’s Breckenridge Colorado Fall Foliage Photography Tours & Landscape Workshops. Below are our 2016 dates out of Breckenridge, Colorado:

  • Sept. 21:   Breckenridge, CO Half Day Fall Foliage Photography Tour & Landscape Workshop — FULL!


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Madography trips are intimate, being limited to just 5 participants. Unlike our competitors who woefully overbook – treating their photographers more like cattle than guests – Madography focuses on the individual, providing one-on-one instruction while fostering a collaborative group atmosphere with structured direction.

Elements: The primary elements for this photography tour are:

  • Brilliant Fall colors juxtaposed against Colorado’s Mountains
  • 19th century structures and historical artifacts
  • Spectacular Rocky Mountain Sunsets
  • Blue Hour Subdued Drama


In-The-Field Photography Instruction: Throughout the day, Doug will undoubtedly be sharing his many insights, opinions & experiences regarding all things photography, while at the same time providing guidance in:

  • benefits of shooting in RAW
  • exposure triangle & white balance
  • interpreting histograms for both ETTR and ETTL
  • visualization and creation of original imagery
  • fundamental aspects of landscape composition
  • achieving critical focus
  • hyperfocal distance & lens design limitations
  • utilizing image focus stacking & in-the-field applications
  • bracketing in conjunction with neutral HDR techniques
  • best photography shooting practices
  • multi-row panoramic image stitching
  • seeing monochrome in a color world


Online Workflow & Image Editing Add-On: Due to the trip’s time restrictions, feel free to inquire about Madography’s online workflow & image editing session add-ons covering:

  • imagery critique & culling
  • best workflow practices
  • image editing and advanced post-processing techniques
  • export to various platforms
  • fine art printing overview


Location & Proximity: 

  • Greater Breckenridge, Colorado Rocky Mountains
  • Dillon Reservoir
  • Boreas Pass (14,481ft)



  • Daily 3:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Mid-September


What’s Included & How to Register: 

  • Professional Photography Instruction: Intensive 6 hour photography tours based out of Breckenridge, Colorado.


  • Meals: Snacks & water will be provided throughout the day. Please bring your own primary meal that can be eaten on the go.


  • Transportation: Upon participants arrival at trip’s specified meetup location, large 4×4 SUV’s are used to ferry photographers to and from all shooting locations, and then back to same start/drop-off location. With only 5 participants per vehicle, everyone has their own window seat.


  • Registration: If you are a member of Meetup or would like to become a member of one of Madography’s Meetup groups click here, where you’ll find the Madography group nearest you. Once there, use the ‘Are You Going’ link located at the top right corner of the trip’s page to RSVP and make payment. If you’re neither a member nor want to become a member of Meetup, that’s fine, simply contact us here directly to book your reservation.


  • Minimum Number of Participants: 3
  • Maximum Number of Participants: 5


Trip Cost: $175.00 US /per person; RSVP required 3 days in advance of trip date.

Why Choose Madography:

  • Great VALUE, along w/Madography’s famous TLC
  • Extraordinary venues & access to private lands
  • Professional instruction, advanced skills & techniques
  • Creation of original fine art landscape imagery
  • Good old fashion FUN in the company of friends


Helpful Hints on What to Bring:

  • Appropriate clothing & protection for ALL weather conditions
  • Primary meal that can be eaten on the go (Half Day Only)
  • Replacement/Rechargeable Batteries and Battery Charger
  • Sturdy Tripod with leveling base, and/or Ball Head
  • Remote Camera type Release (tethered or wireless)
  • Wide-Angle prime, and/or zoom lens (12-24mm or equivalent)
  • Standard prime, and/or zoom lens (24-70mm or equivalent)
  • Telephoto zoom lens (70-200mm or equivalent)
  • (Optional) Super-Telephoto lens (300mm or longer)
  • (Optional) 1.x teleconverters
  • (Optional) Tilt/Shift prime lens
  • (Optional) Filters, i.e. circular polarizer, neutral density, etc.
  • (Optional) Panoramic/Stitching hardware, mount & setup


Participant Experience Level: Madography’s Fall Foliage Photography Tours are open to participants of all levels. Consideration of your fellow participants time & investment, however, dictates guests have a working knowledge of their own camera and related photography gear. Important note to participants, bring along your equipment manuals.

LEGAL NOTICE: Madography Tours, Workshops, Classes and Photo Walks (“Events” or “Trips”) are open to everyone. Fees, however, may be required and/or space may be limited. All Participants must sign Madography’s Waiver and Release of Liability. Pets of any kind are NOT permitted at Madography Events. Unless otherwise noted, participants are solely responsible for all their own expenses and providing their own: camera(s); photography equipment & supplies; food; drink; clothing; travel; lodging; medicines & special care; and/or, other necessities they may need or want when attending Madography Events.

For additional information regarding Madography events and policies contact us here. ©2007-2016 MADOGRAPHY/BY DOUG MAYHEW – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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