Doug Mayhew | Madographer … American Photographer Filmmaker & Writer

Doug Mayhew | Madographer

American Photographer Filmmaker & Writer

As a professional I pull from various artistic genres while mindfully focusing on the process of creating original works. The Madographer is an artist, a narrator, a manipulator of light, an arranger of composition… a visual storyteller.

Studio Madography provides clients with creative original works. Our commercial studio located in Grand Junction, Colorado serves the greater Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions of the United States. We pride ourselves in offering both in-studio and on-location production services. Our clients know, no matter how big or small the project, that our team of dedicated professionals will provide exceptional service, unmatched quality, and compelling works.

Simply, Studio Madography goes the extra mile to earn your business and keeps doing so, to bring you back again, and again, and again… your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Doug Mayhew

I am an artist. I endeavor for that which speaks to me. When creating for myself, there are no rules. My storytelling is an extension of that process; making original imagery, crafting scenes of motion or writing about my experiences is rewarding… though themselves together not necessary. Ever-ready for that next grand adventure, one steeped in imagery, worthy of paper and pen… The journey matters.   — Madographer

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