Brilliant Western Sunrise Craig Colorado

Brilliant Western Sunrise Craig Colorado A new year, a new day, and new light (and reminder of times when there wasn't quite so much snow)... Craig, Colorado. … [Read more...]

Colorado River Shoshone Sunshine

Colorado River Shoshone Sunshine Shoshone Sunshine Oh thee, brilliant beam of light,Shown down through hard rock canyon walls,Now find thyself before me, lighting brilliantly this river’s flow;And for what good your … [Read more...]

Unknown Souls Speeding Along Cold Into Tomorrow Light

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Holiday Time Color Craziness

[Read more...]

Fire and Ice Rocky Mountain National Park Sunset

Fire and Ice Rocky Mountain National Park Sunset … [Read more...]

Bright Lights Mini Cooper

Bright Lights Mini CooperBlack & White mini cooper found parked under the many holiday light of Denver Colorado's downtown Larimer Square; shot on 35mm transparency film and done-up with retro styling treatment . … [Read more...]

pristine aspen colorado magic

Pristine Aspen Colorado MagicIn this particular corner of the world, at this time of year, mother nature often leaves one speechless. While such abundant beauty is easily take-in by our human eyes, capturing that beauty in … [Read more...]

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