MAD Lifestyle Portrait Photography

MAD Portrait Photography

Studio Madography offers professional in-studio and on-location portrait photography services. The base fee for a 2 hour in-studio standard portrait session begins at $300. Similarly, our base fee for a 4 hour on-location portraiture shoot, whether traditional, environmental or lifestyle, is $750.

All portrait sessions include: a photographer, an assistant, and all camera, lighting, computer and backend equipment necessary for the shoot. On-location venues are preselected, photographer approved, and finalized 3 days prior to shooting. Note, travel & mileage expenses may be incurred dependent upon location. Ancillary fees for: number of persons, hair & makeup, wardrobe, staging, multiple setups, props, required permitting, snacks & refreshments, and/or other support personnel, may also apply. MAD Lifestyle Portrait Photography

Studio Madography clients trust our team of dedicated professionals will provide exceptional service, unmatched quality, and of course, creative original imagery. With Studio Madography, client satisfaction is guaranteed.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, feel free to give us a call: 855-723-8749 or contact us here.

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