Colorado Rocky Mountain WhiteWater Splash

Colorado Rocky Mountain WhiteWater Splash. was begun by Madography to fill the void created by a lack of professional whitewater photography in the Colorado Rocky Mountain Region. An examination of the imagery produced by Madography, and now created through WhiteWater-Pix, demonstrates a level of quality and resulting works that stand on their own and speak for themselves. So whether you’re running whitewater rapids for the first time or you’re a hardcore river rat who plans the entire summer around the flows of our great Rocky Mountain Rivers, WhiteWater-Pix River Adventure Photography is there to capture the fun and excitement of your time on the water! Colorado Rocky Mountain WhiteWater Splash.

Outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen & women, adventurers, and visitors alike from around the world come to Colorado to be surrounded by the state’s unmatched beauty, test their skill fishing our gold-medal waters, and experience the power of Mother Nature’s fast-moving whitewater rapids. To record these special moments, our WhiteWater-Pix photographers setup along the banks of the Colorado and Eagle Rivers to capture your unique experience. We take great pride in partnering with several reputable river outfitters, such as: Timberline Tours, Nova Guides, Sage Outdoor Adventures, Lakota Guides, and the Colorado River Center just to name a few. It does not matter to us, whether you’re rafting, kayaking, canoeing, paddle-boarding, fishing, or just floating on by- we’re there to get the images you’ll be excited to share. Colorado Rocky Mountain WhiteWater Splash.

Simply put, WhiteWater-Pix River Adventure Photography does its very best to capture the fun-filled moments of your time on some of Colorado’s most enjoyable rivers; providing you with special mementos to share with family, friends, and loved ones… a nice reminder of your time spent in our little corner of the world. So be on the lookout for our WhiteWater-Pix photographers and know we look forward to seeing you on the river soon! Colorado Rocky Mountain WhiteWater Splash.

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