Great Sand Dune Ponderosa
Great Sand Dune Ponderosa

Great Sand Dune Ponderosa

Great Sand Dune Ponderosa.

While scouting photography tour & landscape workshop venues a couple weeks ago I noticed a tree… Great Sand Dune Ponderosa.

A Great Sand Dune Ponderosa standing defiant, indifferent to the ever-shifting sands from which it has risen. I’m no arborist, but this tree has been making a good go of it for quite some time. If you have never been to Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in southern-central Colorado (note, though the quintessential “dunes” are not visible here, I am in fact standing on a dune– it’s just covered with vegetation), believe me when I tell you it’s an extreme environment. Be warned, when the weather turns and the wind picks-up you best be prepared or ready to run! Great Sand Dune Ponderosa.

The awe inspiring nature of this magnificent specimen, juxtaposed against the vast background, is seemingly lost to the magnitude of the greater vista and cloud filled sky… reducing the giant to mere mortal size. Notwithstanding the scene’s grandeur I found myself wondering, conjuring insights and searching for greater lessons this individual might reveal relative my own existence… does one stand strong, firmly railing against ever change or acquiesce, embracing flexibility when confronting the sands of time? The Great Sand Dunes’ unique siting, much like life, is full of mystery and surprise. This landscape is both forgiving and cruel, simple and complex, beautiful and well, ugly. Could it be that this same duality holds true for the giant’s perseverance in the face of adversity… that the balance of both are necessary not just to weather the storm, but to thrive. So many questions… Great Sand Dune Ponderosa.

I choose to present this image as a continuous tone, which I prefer, over the typically overly-contrasty black and whites one often sees… enjoy. Great Sand Dune Ponderosa.

Great Sand Dune Ponderosa. DAM

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