Korbel Champagne American Ski Classic Racer Vail Colorado

A discerning eye might notice that this photo was shot at last year’s Korbel Champagne American Ski Classic, an amazing race hosted every year by the Vail Valley Foundation and held in Vail Colorado. Of note, the image was originally shot in color and then later converted to B&W.

Nikon, which I shoot, has recently made several poor decisions that have made me rethink my entire post-processing workflow. As a result, the images from this year’s 2014 race are a bit delayed… everything from my image’s initial ingest to their final output is being examined and reconsidered… and that has slowed me down a bit. Regardless of the year, this photo is plenty awesome to use as a place holder until I get this year’s images sorted out, processed, and uploaded for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

I’d like to give a special shout-out to the Vail Valley Foundation, and especially John Dakin. Thank you! 

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