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Hey everyone, MADOGRAPHY is happy to announce we will be holding this year’s THROWBACK to the GLORY DAYS of FILM SPRING WILDFLOWER EXPOSE the first week of May, on Saturday the 5th, 2012, in colorful Crested Butte Colorado!  We are conducting this year’s Spring Photo Walk as a precursor in preparation for Crested Butte’s fabulous Wild Flower Festival, so be sure to mark down this MUST ATTEND EVENT occurring July 9th through July 15th, 2012.

For photophile enthusiasts and film aficionados in hiding, come share MADOGRAPHY’S heartfelt embrace of retro themes and adventurous escapades in our epic return to that from which we’ve all come….. FILM FILM FILM!!!

This year’s spring wildflower MAD Photo Walk has been scheduled somewhat earlier than usual to coincide with a weekend Full Moon and the unfortunate drought like conditions the Western United States are currently experiencing.  So mark your calendar, leave the entire day and night open, and join us for our 2012 Film Photo Walk Series – THROWBACK to the GLORY DAYS of FILM SPRING WILDFLOWER EXPOSE!!!

Statement: Film photography truly is ART.  Not only is film capture not dying off, it is only now becoming (because of its brethren digital photography’s evolution) the art form it was meant to be- shedding the burdensome role of being “the” visual/communicative medium that digital photography has now replaced.  Though absolutely wonderful in its own right, digital photography and the plethora of imagery pollution it creates, is not the same discipline or pursuit as film based photography.  Understanding these differences, our MAD Photo Walks bring like-minded photographers together and whose passion for creating imagery on film honors this Artistic Form through the artists’ sharing of knowledge, experiences and techniques as they relate to the film medium.

Itinerary: Spring Photo Walk participants will gather between 8:00am – 9:00am at the Butte’s very own Camp 4 Coffee house- the fresh BREW and PASTRIES here are a local favorite and we believe the best!  Then at 9:01am, the group will depart with everyone’s favorite film cameras in hand to search out what  wildflowers Colorado’s Wildflower Capital has to offer.

Intent: Our MAD Photo Walks are not “Instructional Workshops” as some might assume, but instead a focused gathering, open to all and of every skill level- from novice to expert.  The goal of all our MAD Photo Walks is simply to bring like-minded photographers together, who share a particularly deep seeded passion for capturing images on FILM; and, who are eager to share their passion with other photographers interested in and dedicated to the preservation of film photography!
Of course, all the “old film formats” are welcome: 110mm, 35mm, medium format, large format, and everything in between….
As always, all MAD Photo Walks are FREE and open to anyone wishing to attend.  Participants are, however, solely responsible for providing all their own: equipment, film, food, travel, and other related necessities when attending our Photo Walks.  Please RSVP (using our register/contact form) so that we can better manage this experience for all who attend- thank you! 🙂
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