Up and Coming AVSC Racer

Over time I have learned, to at least try, not to speak about things in big sweeping generalizations. That being said, I do generally believe that getting kids involved in extracurricular activities, both the athletic/sports and musical/fine arts types especially, really does make for better, more well-rounded, adjusted, socialized, happier, smarter, fitter, kids.

Regardless of whatever else one might embrace relative rearing their child, I struggle to see or otherwise find a downside to such experiences and activities… and as just stated, the upsides are plentiful and obvious. It is because of this heartfelt belief that it is easy to get involved and support a group like the Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club. With everything the Roaring Fork Valley has to offer, of which there is much, one simply cannot deny the impact of having the AspenSnowmass experience in one’s own backyard. So if you’re a parent looking for a great organization that has great people, you might consider giving AVSC a call to see how your little munchkin might just become the next Up and Coming AVSC Racer.

Skiing & snowboarding, unlike so many other sports and childhood activities, truly are lifetime endeavors… and after some 43 years, I look forward to seeing you on the slopes for the next 43 that are sure to come!        

To view both racer and award ceremony photos for the 2013 Audi Ajax Cup, simply follow this link.

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