MAD Photography Classes

Join American photographer, cinematographer & writer Doug Mayhew for our MAD Photography Classes in Vail, Aspen, Telluride, Moab & Santa Fe.

Studio Madography offers participants of various artistic abilities the opportunity to meet new people and at the same time learn while pursuing their own unique interests in the visual arts. Look through and choose from our below upcoming scheduled events or consider booking a custom or private, half-day or full-day, guided excursion at any of our Madography Locations. For additional information or help with booking reservations, give us a call at: 855-723-8749 or contact us here. MAD Photography Classes

Fall 2017 MAD Photography Classes

So again, if you’d like additional information or possibly some help with booking a reservation, feel free to give us a call at: 855-723-8749 or contact us here.

I am an artist. I endeavor for that which speaks to me. When creating for myself, there are no boundaries. My visual storytelling is an extension of that process; creating original imagery, crafting scenes of motion, and writing about my experiences are rewarding… though themselves together not necessary. Ever-ready for that next grand adventure, one steeped in imagery, worthy of paper and pen.   — Madographer

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