MAD Photography Classes

MAD Photography Classes

Come join American photographer, filmmaker & writer Doug Mayhew and experience our award winning Photography Classes happening throughout the greater Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions of the United States…

Studio Madography focuses on artists’ creative pursuits and individual endeavors as expressed through photography, filmmaking and writing. Compelling works don’t just happen. Accepting this premise, together we frame the interplay between artist and audience, examine the underlying constructs and explore the various elements of why… why one work succeeds, and another fails.

Our Photography Classes provide participants with an environment for both learning and collaboration; where a foundation grounded in proven principals is emphasized first, and that later provides the building blocks for mastering more advanced techniques. Where expert instruction and mentoring are the rule, not the exception; where in time, an artist’s personal experiences combined with the outside world’s influences become most consequential to the process of creation… where the artist develops their voice, their unique point of view.

We invite you to look through and choose from any of our upcoming events or request one of our personally tailored half-day or full-day private offerings at any of our Madography locations. If you’d like additional information or help booking a reservation feel free to give us a call at: 855-723-8749 or contact us here.

MAD Photography Classe

Fall 2018 MAD Photography Classes

MAD Photography Classes

Currently there are no MAD Photography Classes scheduled. Please check back later or consider choosing from Studio Madography’s other upcoming MAD Arts Instructional Series events. Thank you!

MAD Photography Classes

We are artists. We endeavor for that which speaks to us. When creating for ourselves, there are no rules. Our storytelling is an extension of that process; making original imagery, crafting scenes of motion or writing about our experiences is rewarding, though themselves together not necessary. Ever-ready for that next grand adventure, one steeped in imagery, worthy of paper and pen… The journey matters.   — Madographer

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