juvenile bear foraging for veggie lunch

Juvenile Bear Foraging for Veggie LunchRadium, Colorado.  This little bear couldn't get enough into its tummy fast enough, moving from tree to tree without pause.  Though brown in appearance, Colorado's bears are Black … [Read more...]

rocky mountain ferns timeless pillars of white imperfection

Rocky Mountain Ferns Timeless Pillars of White Imperfection … [Read more...]

spring wildflower film photo walk

Hey everyone, MADOGRAPHY is happy to announce we will be holding this year's THROWBACK to the GLORY DAYS of FILM SPRING WILDFLOWER EXPOSE the first week of May, on Saturday the 5th, 2012, in colorful Crested Butte … [Read more...]

the irrelevant ranch home

The Irrelevant Ranch Home … [Read more...]

vibrant oriental poppy

Vibrant Oriental Poppy … [Read more...]

all in the details

All in the Details … [Read more...]

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